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Legend (Purity)


I am a very picky vapor kinda guy , i have sampled lots from vape shops and nothing taste good to me . I dont want a vape that makes me hungry for food , so no fruits or dessert flav. For me . I started vaping in March of 2014 and used all halo juice captain black and longhorn until i stumbled into heather little slice of heaven . I was not a pipe smoker but recall the smell from child hood and how i loved it and this taste and smells just how i would imagine a great pipe tasting its not at all over powering just smooth with maybe a hint of fruit cant pin it but may be cherry , funny bc i dont care for cherry but absolutly love this juice ! I also love dark horse not to be compared to this its a horse of another color ! It as well hits my cravings for tobacco ! I have bought countless juices from good ejuice , patriot wild turkey and ect they all taste like fresh lawn mower clippings .i also tried ahlusion bluegrass burley and many other from them it also tasted like mildew mowed grass ! I would love to find other juices that can rank with legend and dark horse but nothing comes even close to their amazing taste ! 70/30 pg 18mg in an itaste avatar 1.8 ohm coil at 9.0 watts ! Plz if anyone finds another pipe tobacco to compare to this plz let me know , by adding it in a review thanks !

Just got a 15 ml bottle of Legend in 100% VG Blend at 18 mg nicotine. I wanted to try in right away without steeping. My first impressions are its pretty good. I find it a little light on flavor, but at 100% VG that may be normal. The flavor I do taste is light pipe tobacco with a touch of honey. I find the throat hit to be light as well compared to other tobacco juices I have vaped at 100% VG. I am vaping it on a Provari mini with a Kanger Mega tank and a 2.0 ohm duel coil. I find it best to vape between 4.7 and 5.0 volts for best flavor. Bottom line it is pretty good but it did now WOW me...maybe an extra flavor shot would put it over the top?

Nothing more than RY7, which I do not like. I don't like caramel taste in my tobacco and honestly this doesn't taste like tobacco, also too watery and burns too quickly.

Very very very good after about a 10 days steep. I will be getting more of this!

I looked for over a year for an all day vape (ADV) and wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for or why nothing (and I mean nothing!) was meeting my needs. After a LOT of searching and many bottles from several vendors, I found THE BEST juice in Legend. Such a rich flavor! I was a pack and a half per day Camel Turkish Silver smoker for... years and wanted something with flavor but every tobacco juice I tried tasted or smelled to me like stinky feet. "Sweet Tobacco" was-- too sweet. I needed a balance with some creaminess. That's Legend. I was a juice hopper. Always changing flavors because nothing "did it" for me. Hands down the best "going to the bar" juice, "morning coffee" juice, "at the lake" juice, etc. The flavor doesn't fight other beverage/food flavors. Simply perfect. I am SO happy with HHV. They are the real deal with customer service too! Try this juice! I vape either 50/50 or 70/30 mix. 12mg strength. No menthol. Innokin SVD and/or mechanical mod. Kanger T3s rebuilt with 26 gauge and cotton wick. Works GREAT in Aerotank too. My Aspire Nautilus didn't care for it. Hope this helps someone!

Definitely the vape I keep going back to. Now ordered the largest bottle as I'm going through it quickly. Highly recommend as a starter in the vape world for those ex smokers.


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