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FREE HHV Vape Advocacy Guide

HHV Vape Advocacy Guide Nov 2018 PDF

Free HHV Vape Advocacy Guide

HHV compiled a free guide listing who you can follow and how you can help in the battle over vaping.

Download the PDF here or click the image above to download it.

The attacks on vaping have escalated. You need to be involved! This guide is a good starting point for finding who is already engaged giving news, links and responding on Twitter where a lot of vape discussion is going on.

Respectfully participate in the discussion. Help inform your family, friends and especially smokers interested in switching to vaping.

Tips for Letting Your Voice Be Heard

  • Be respectful. Otherwise you make it easy for others to dismiss your comments.
  • Avoid personal insults. Insulting others makes them defensive. They will no longer hear you.
  • Be prepared to share links. Opinions don't educate as well as facts do.
  • Be firm! Be clear! But don't be a troll.


Congress & Local Government

Find your Senators and Representatives, state and local government officials. Engage respectfully with them. CASAA has resources to help you with this step.