WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Heather’s Points

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Order Rewards & Options

HHV Heather’s Points

Heather’s Points

We appreciate our loyal customers. Every purchase earns you points for savings on future orders. Here's how it works:

  • Heather’s Points are earned and redeemed by customers with every purchase.
  • $1 purchase = 1 Heather's Point.
  • When you place a new order, your Heather’s Points will display as "Pending".
  • Your Heather’s Points will change to "Earned" 24 hours later.
  • When you log-in and place another order, you will see the option to redeem your Heather’s Points for savings! The option is at the lower section of the checkout page.
  • 1 Point = 10 cents. So, 100 Heather’s Points = $10.
  • Points are awarded based on your order sub-total after any discounts are applied and/or Heather’s Points are redeemed.
  • Heather’s Points can be used in combination with sale discounts.
  • Use your Heather’s Points within 90 days from the order that earned them.
  • Use your Heather’s Points right away, or let them add up.
  • Heather’s Points are not redeemable for cash.


Earn 100 Heather’s Points

Earn 100 Heather’s Points

Your friends will love our flavors. We’ll show our appreciation by giving you 100 Heather’s Points worth $10 savings on your next order.

Here’s how to earn your points:

  1. Your friend places their first order with us.
  2. At checkout, in the Special Instructions / Order Comments section, your friend includes your name and the email address you use for your HHV account.
  3. We credit your account with 100 Heather’s Points.

Vapers are always searching for great flavors. Share your HHV love! Your support helps us stay in the fight for vaper's rights. Thank you!

The Heather's Points reward is valid for new customers you invite to HHV. The order they place mentioning you in the comments must be their first order with us and must include your email associated with your HHV account.


Custom Blended

Premium Line Order Options – We Blend It Just The Way You Like


PG/VG ratio is the ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in your mix. Propylene glycol is always the first number in our selections, with vegetable glycerin being second.

For example, the drop down selection of 70/30 would indicate a mix of 70% propylene glycol and 30% vegetable glycerin.

Generally speaking, the higher the amount of PG, the more flavor and throat hit you will experience.

The higher the VG, the more vapor production you will have. VG also tends to mute flavor slightly, however, we do compensate for this by automatically adding extra flavoring and extracts with higher VG mixes.

Nicotine Level

Nicotine level is another choice you have when selecting one of our flavors. The level of nicotine is listed by milligrams per milliliter.

A typical new vaper will normally start in the 18mg to 24mg range. Long-term vapers tend to lower their nicotine level to the 6-12mg range. Some vapers even choose no nicotine at all.

Menthol Level

We also offer menthol with some of our flavors. Some vapers prefer the cool hit that menthol provides. Some also say it enhances the flavor of the e-liquid, especially fruits.

Extra Flavor Shot

Extra Flavor Shot - 10 cents per bottle

Prefer strong flavor? When we say custom, we mean custom! Simply use the checkbox option listed for "Extra Flavor" for each of our custom line flavors. Choosing this option will add 10 cents per bottle.

These options are only available on our Premium line as the Artisan Reserve line is premixed and pre-steeped.


New Compliant Labels

FDA Labeling Requirements

HHV has new labeling on e-liquids. Why is that?

In a word: compliance. Under the FDA deeming regulations, all vendors are required to place nicotine addiction warnings on all packaging. In our case, that means our labels. FDA regulations specify the percentage of the display panel area, placement, font, font size and the number of warnings that must be present.

What if I order zero nicotine?

Rest assured that if you order 0 mg of nicotine in your e-liquid, there will be ZERO nicotine in it. However, your bottle will still carry the nicotine warning required by the FDA.

We realize this creates some confusion. We are committed to full compliance, and we are happy to answer your questions!


Still Have Questions?

We want you to be satisfied. If you have any questions at all, just send us a message here or give us a call at 678-956-1448. We want to ensure that the juice we mix is right for you.

We have a community affectionately known as the Heavenly Army on the E-Cigarette Forum. Join the conversation, read reviews of our flavors, and get help with vape related questions. ECF is a great resource, and we are proud to be one of their authorized suppliers. Click here to visit us there.