WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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About Purity & Coil-friendly Ratings

Purity E-liquids by HHV

Purity Line of Flavors

Looking for true 100% MAX VG? Then HHV Purity E-liquids are for you!

All flavor ingredients in our Purity line are propylene glycol (PG) free. This is why you can choose 100% VG that really is free of PG.

VG-dominant flavors tend to be more muted than PG-dominant blends. You will still get the best tasting vape experience because we automatically increase the amount of flavorings when you choose VG-dominant blends.

Our Purity line includes all of our Premium NETs (naturally extracted tobaccos), many of our Premium Fruit flavors and more. Flavors that are part of the Purity line are indicated in the product name.



HHV Coil-Friendly Ratings

Coil-Friendly Ratings

With replaceable coils and cartridge tank systems, convenience is great but replacing coils and cartridges frequently can get expensive. E-liquids that don't burn cleanly will lead more quickly to needing a replacement.

Clean burning juices save money in cost per mL and by helping your coils to last longer. Our flavors tend to be easy on coils. By burning cleanly it takes longer before the coil will be gunked and need to be replaced. (See below for an explanation of coil gunking.)

The Ratings

We've added coil-friendly ratings to our flavors to give you an estimate of how long your coils will last with HHV. Actual mL amounts will vary based on the particular coil system and your preferences.

Our ratings are based on our experiences and input from long-time vapers of these flavors. Ratings won't change your mind about enjoying your favorite flavors - but it will help you to plan ahead!

  • Cleanest - about 30 - 40 mLs
  • Clean - about 20 - 30 mLs
  • Least Clean - about 10 - 20 mLs

Rating Our NETs

NETs (naturally extracted tobacco flavors) are typically known to require coil cleaning after just 3 - 4 mLs in standard tanks. For that reason, many fans of NETs avoid vaping them in their cartridge-based tanks.

HHV NETs are well-known for being clean burning. At minimum, about 10 - 20 mLs - all the way up to about 40 mLs or more.

What's Coil Gunking?

You've been vaping happily when suddenly the flavor changes. What's going on?

Your coil heats a wicking material creating vapor. Particles build up on the coil and eventually build up. This is what vapers call a "gunky coil."

Different e-liquid flavors will gunk a coil faster than others. When this happens, it's time to change the wick and clean the coil in a rebuildable atomizer. With drop in cartridge tanks or pod systems, it's time for a new cartridge or pod. You won't be able to see the gunk on the coil, but you will taste it!