WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Shadow (Purity)

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Shadow is a naturally extracted tobacco that is lightweight and creamy with a nice tobacco undertone. It's not an RY4 or variant, but blazes a whole new path for lighter, slightly sweet tobacco vapes.

This flavor is part of our Purity line. All flavor ingredients in our Purity line are propylene glycol (PG) free which is why we can offer this particular vape in your favorite PG/VG ratio including 100% VG if desired.


HHV Coil-Friendly Rating Cleanest

Cleanest: about 30 - 40 mLs

About The Ratings

We've added coil-friendly ratings to our flavors to give you an estimate of how long your coils will last with HHV. Actual mL amounts will vary based on the particular coil system and your preferences.

Our ratings are based on our experiences and input from long-time vapers of these flavors. Find out more about our ratings here.

Serkan S.
4 of 5 Stars
Very nice.
2 of 5 Stars
Very odd flavor that I don't like. I am sorry to say that since I just got my first order from HV. I do like the Gaia and will try other tobacco flavors, but this is getting tossed.
4 of 5 Stars
This certainly isn't a bad flavor. But I do detect an undertone of maple and I'm just not a fan of vaping maple anything. Overall it's a smooth light vape. 60/40, 6 mg.
5 of 5 Stars
I retired to Mexico and Quality liquids with a Tobacco flavor are hard to find, and nothing close to the custom mix option available here. I took a big risk but bought 5 30ml bottles each of Shadow and Heavenly Vape and had them shipped to a friend that returned to US for the Holidays. I absolutely love them both and plan to reorder more.
5 of 5 Stars
Absolutely DELICIOUS!! This juice is my Favorite. So good, that I've ordered 2 100ml bottles. Superb tobacco flavor with a hint of maple (or perhaps it's such a raw tobacco flavor that resembles maple). I don't know exactly, but I do know I love it!! Vaped in a IGO-L @ 2.0 Microcoil with Koh Gen Do cotton. Excellent vape that is my ADV. Some may say to steep n' shake, but I found it to be outstanding upon arrival - two days after shipment. Shipped on Wednesday; got it Friday. HHV has really good shipping. I can't wait to get Shadow my REO Grand. Piss on all the rest of the devices out there! I'm going to REOville baby!
5 of 5 Stars
This is a delicious tobacco flavor. I have yet to try any others from HHV so I can't compare it to anything else. It is a mildly sweet, great tobacco flavor with a slight hint of coffee. I have ordered this one twice now and plan to again when this nearly empty bottle runs out. Good throat hit at 12mg as well and of course plenty of vapor at 20 PG/ 80 VG.
5 of 5 Stars
I've vaped for about a year, and nothing has come to close to the amazing juice that is Shadow. I love tobacco vapes. I've been vaping a year and thought I found love with VR and AVE, but HHV Shadow is literally the best vape I've ever had. Temptation, Shadow, and Sludge are right behind as my favorite tobacco vapes. Very light tobacco taste and creamy almost a small hint of maple I'm not sure but it's still heavy enough to kill those tobacco craves. I've let lots of people try this one and not one hasn't liked it I hight recommend.
5 of 5 Stars
I had to add something to my review.I tried this by itself on a bottom coil clearomizer and the flavor was great.All I had used it on was cartomizers and didn't get the flavor like this. This is a great tobacco flavor.
5 of 5 Stars
This is my go to vape. I always get 100ml extra flavor. I love to mix it with some of the other flavors. One of my faves is caramel apple tobacco and this half and half. Also like it with heavenly tobacco.
n e
5 of 5 Stars
My favorite e-juice...HANDS DOWN...absolutely love this. It is exactly as described.
4 of 5 Stars
Tastes alot like Legend, but a lighter tobacco flavor with sweet and creamy notes.
5 of 5 Stars
I dont even know how to describe this one so I wont...if you are a tobacco lover give this a shot. Its complex and rich in flavor. Highly recommend for tobacco vape lovers.
s m
5 of 5 Stars
Delicious. My first order from HHH; arrived faster than I expected! I generally prefer the fruity, sweeter liquids over tobacco-based, but this is wonderful even without steeping.
5 of 5 Stars
I do a 50/50 blend with Clearomizer and Ego-Twist. I like this. Not my all day vape but tastes like a quality pipe tobacco with chocolate overtones. My friends who don't like tobacco like this one too.
5 of 5 Stars
I absolutely love this juice. I can't decide if I like Shadow or Heavenly Tobacco more, both are amazingly great. There is something about Shadow though that I think puts it at #1. There is something in this juice, some flavor that I can't quite put my finger on, that is just marvelous. I can't get enough of it, so I had to order 2 50mL bottles as soon as I received my first 30mL one. I don't know what flavor it is, but it is definitely by far my favorite vape I have tried. Definitely the best RY4, even though it really isn't a RY4 according to the description.
5 of 5 Stars
This is the best vape I have ever had. I use it every day. I cannot name any specific flavors and I dont get powdered donuts at all, but it is delicious.
5 of 5 Stars
I've been trying to figure out how to describe this one. Some of the other reviewers hit on the notes that I'm thinking. This is a nice, pleasant vape.
5 of 5 Stars
One of the best juices I have ever vaped. This one is second only to Dark Horse. Perfect all day vape.
4 of 5 Stars
I'm just giving this a preemptive 4 stars, because I know I'll be singing a slightly different tune in about a week. The tobacco in this is there, but not full-bodied, a little dry for me. And the cream is very subtle also. I prefer bolder flavors and mentholated tobacco, so I'm sure this was not made with my vaping preferences in mind. But right now it's good, not great to me.
5 of 5 Stars
FANTASTIC! I loved this immediately. It has a smooth, honey-tobacco flavor that isn't too sweet. I will definitely be buying a big bottle of this.
Patrick Morris
5 of 5 Stars
The sweetness of this blend is very subtle, and like other people have mentioned, very much like a bavarian cream. What I really love about it, though, is that it's not in your face... it's a sweet undercurrent, unlike the overpowering sweetness of a lot of RY4s. This is my current favorite, which is saying a lot considering how good everything I've tried here has been.
5 of 5 Stars
This is my second favorite behing Gandalf a very smooth blend I order 50/50 at 18 mg and it is perfect. HHV is my e liquid main stay.I will have to try more of there product I am sure but the tobacco flavors here are the best.
5 of 5 Stars
It makes me feel like the picture :)
5 of 5 Stars
One of the best juices I've had in the year+ that I've been vaping. I've never had anything else like it. It's creamy goodness is very satisfying and the tobacco is there but not overpowering. Sweet but not overly so. A very balanced and well rounded liquid. I'll never be without this or Heavenly Tobacco willingly. Thanks HHV! Don't change a thing!
5 of 5 Stars
This is my all day #1 vape. It's very smooth slightly sweet tobacco vape that will keep you vaping all day. In a genny it's sooooo good and also works good in a vivi nova tank. At the right volts you can sometimes get a slight power donuts taste.
5 of 5 Stars
Smooth and creamy wonderfulness wrapped up in a light tobacco base. Nobody else has anything like this out there. Heather is not a juice maker, she is a juice artist. This is fast becoming my favorite juice ever.
5 of 5 Stars
This is another wonderful tobacco blend. I taste that familiar HHV base with a bit of smooth, sweet, creaminess. Like a light bavarian cream. Its a light flavor. Nothing potent or in your face. Just very pleasant.

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