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Heavenly Army (Purity)

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Heavenly Army is a tribute flavor to all of our wonderful customers. It's an extracted tobacco that's lightweight and creamy with a nice tobacco undertone. It's not an RY4 or variant, but a whole new path for lighter weight, slightly sweet tobacco vapes. Similar to Shadow in profile, yet different in taste. If you enjoy Shadow, put Heavenly Army on your short list of new tobaccos to try.

This flavor is part of our Purity line. All flavor ingredients in our Purity line are propylene glycol (PG) free which is why we can offer this particular vape in your favorite PG/VG ratio including 100% VG if desired.


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Cleanest: about 30 - 40 mLs

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2 of 5 Stars
Being impatient, I tried this right out of the mail and did not like it. It had a pipe tobacco taste and i could not pick up any creamy notes...ugh. Taste is very subjective and this may be great for someone else. For now, it's sitting on the shelf where I keep other juices didn't make the cut. Who knows, after a few weeks or months I may feel differently. Thankfully, the other juices i received were tasty. Not what I was expecting....
5 of 5 Stars
Very Very Good right out the bottle and can't wait to see what it taste like after 2 weeks of steeping. I got 100% VG and using a cartomizer the TH is very light but very flavorful. Using it in my Vision CE5 clearomizer the TH inhances and satisfies my needs, however my next order with probably be 30/70 pg/vg ratio to help increase the TH in whatever device I use. But the reduced TH is on me for ordering 100%VG. The juice is a real smooth tobacco flavor that is hard to describe other than delicious!! Thanks HHV for this wonderful flavor. LOVE IT!!!
4 of 5 Stars
Very good. I like a more robust vape like Serendipity, but I could see if someone thought Serendipity was too much, they would really like HA. Nothing bad about it, very tasty, just a little mild for my taste.
s c
5 of 5 Stars
Even without a steep you can tell this is delicious ....
5 of 5 Stars
Cream cream and frothy cream! Sweet and delectable! Just arrived today so this review neglects a good steep, but I just had to write about it. I'd only tried a sample of Shadow, but this is definitely comparable. Shadow has a more fruity/honey undertone, to me. I'll post another review if other notes come through after some steep time, but for now, this tobacco is followed by straight up cream and a hint of vanilla. Elegantly simple, and absolutely phenomenal! If you like Heavenly Tobacco, Shadow, Dragon's Fire, or Pirate's Booty, order a 30ml bottle of this. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you may like it more than all four of those juices. Not in-your-face creamy enough to be compartmentalized into a dessert type vape. A great starter liquid, but certainly a potential all day vape for veterans. Highly HIGHLY recommended. If there is someone out there that doesn't like this, I'd love to meet them -- won't hold my breath though. 6 stars! Serendipity and Dragon's Fi

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