WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Dragon's Fire (Purity)

tariq e.
Its mysterious But its unique flavor.
Since four years,it's all my day vape,really delicious and enjoyable e-liquid....

Java Smooth

Brent S.
This is one of my all time favorite e-liquids. I have re-ordered it multiple times. It is a very "smooth" and creamy coffee flavor. Not overly sweet like most coffee flavors out there....

Legend (Purity)

maria R.
Legend is my #1 vape flavor. Don't know how I would have been able to quit smoking without it. I have been told by people around me that it reminds them of Black n Mild. ...

Sludge (Purity)

Rocky H.
Wow, another great tobacco from HHV! I'm getting a mild tobacco flavour with a lot of plum and something sweet on the exhale, like maybe honey. I tastes like a mysterious dark drink and I am loving it!
My absolute fav is still DF but this one is right up there yumm !...

Dragon's Fire (Purity)

Rocky H.
A fellow vaper was kind enough to send me a small bottle to try and after my first vape I was like " are you kidding me" after the second vape I was hooked, I knew I had finally found the perfect ejuice!

It took 5 months and a lot of money but I finally found the taste I've been looking for. I immediately ordered 100ml along with some other recommended net tobacco juices. Even being in Canada, they extra cost is definitely worth it, and I'm so happy HHV has reasonable shipping cost's to Canada

Dragon Fire has a wonderful smokey tobacco flavour and to me it has a hint of molasses with a slight sour note on the exhale, and the throat hit is so tight and defined which is what makes it almost cigarette like.

It's just a very satisfying hit with every draw you take. A truly wonderful juice unlike any I've ever tried. Good job on this one HHV!...

Nut Case

Monica W.
This juice! I cannot be without it. At first I would use it as a mixer but found that I was becoming more heavy handed with it! Great to add to tobacco flavors. I love to pair this with Cinful Pear another awesome HHV juice. Nutcase is on every order I place! If you love a nutty taste you can't go wrong here!!!...